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Lao U23 team has high chance of third place at SEA Games 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009 , Posted by samakomlao at 12:19 AM

Mr Veunsavanh Sivasay, the well-known former coach of the Lao national football team recently predicted that the Lao U23 football team has a high chance of passing into the second round of competition at the upcoming SEA Games and may even achieve third place. Mr Veunsavanh said there were two key reasons for his prediction.

“Laos is the host of the Games which gives us a home ground advantage and our team will get lots of support from the crowd who will cheer the players on with great spirit both inside and outside the stadium when they play,” said Mr Veunsavanh. “The Government and the National Sports Committee hired a professional coach, Alfred Riedl, an Austrian football manager and former player, to train the Lao football team. Over the past year, this has helped the Lao team develop their skills and technique in passing, ball control and has enhanced their understanding of the game.

“The Lao team achieved third place at the BIDC Cup football tournament in Cambodia and this was good practice for the team providing a chance to review the positive aspects of their game and identify areas for improvement before the real competition at the SEA Games,” said Mr Veunsavanh. He added that the competition is approaching soon but there is time for the team to improve and for the coach to work on a variety of offense techniques with Mr Lamnao Singto, a key striker in the Lao team.

Mr Veunsavanh mentioned the Lao defensive game should be played in the middle of the pitch to prevent their competitors from having possession as much as possible. “If we use this strategy, the hopes of the Lao people to see the Lao team reach the final four will come true,” he concluded.

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